Content Writing 

Each time you update your website, write a description, or post on Facebook, you’re creating content. And each piece of content contributes to your business’ brand and how customers perceive you.

It is a myth that you have to be born a good writer to write well. To help you realize this, We’ll share some simple and actionable tips that you can easily apply to your leisure business’ content.

You can enjoy your own writing -­‐ We’ll be there to assist you and guide you — it’s a very important part of your operations.

Our Services

If you find it a very cumbersome and arduous task to write and keep writing new content for your website, blog and social media, We will be glad to take this task as an assignment. We are happy yo offer you the below 3 options :

Option 1 – Standard Hourly Rate

Once we have had the opportunity to assess the expertise required you will receive the estimated number of hours and the cost involved for your consideration/approval.

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Option 2 – Fixed Rate

If all information is provided and no research is involved, then we could offer you a fixed rate for 400 words of copy (A4 sheet).

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Option 3 – Monthly Retainer

An estimated 7-10 pages of 400 word pages of web copy a month with a fixed monthly retainer payable at the start of the month.

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What we do

With years of writing and experience in the tourism field our content writers could take upon the task of writing your website scripts in a manner most suitable for both website/blog readers and keyword optimization for search engine optimization. We are competent in providing the zest and creativity to make your content stand out and display professionally.

5 golden tips for writing great content

  1. Write about what you care about
  2. Write about what your readers care about
  3. Imagine you’re writing to one person
  4. Keep it as simple as you can (cut out all the crap, seriously)
  5. The most important point goes at the start of the sentence